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So. SO. I really actually need you to listen to me here.

I have this very good friend and hero, Mary Borsellino, you may know her as sharpest_rose. If you follow her LJ you'll know that she's an amazing writer. If you don't, know this - she's an amazing writer. And she has just had her first novel published.


It's an e-book. I wish with all my heart that it was a print novel because it's much easier to push on people in physical form, some people aren't quite used to the idea of e-books yet, even those who read fanfiction. But e-book is what we're working with, so e-book is what you're gonna get. HOWEVER, this is all the more reason why you should buy it, as if enough people buy it, the publishers will look at putting it out in print.

It's part One of a twelve-part series called The Wolf House. Mary sent me books 1 to 3 a few months ago so I already have a pretty solid opinion on them.

It's a vampires-meet-real life type thing and trust me when I see it is AWESOME. Like, genuinely awesome. As Mary put it, she read Twilight and was like, "okay, so that was Danny and Sandy. Now, I want to read about what happens to Betty Rizzo." - there was a huge gap in the market for YA fiction about alternative kids in this new vampire-crazed world.

If you like Twilight, you will like this book.

If you hate Twilight, you will like this book.

It has its own vampire lore which I found grippingly interesting and you better believe they don't sparkle. It has teenagers being teenagers and vampires being vampires and teenagers being vampires. It has scenekids and people with tattoos. It has queer relationships and straight relationships and love and not-love. Vampires kill humans, but not every human they meet. It has some unhappy endings, yet it does not really have the idea of good and evil, just of things living according to their nature. But mostly it has realistic characters, complex, loveable characters, human or vampire, like seriously some of the best characters I have EVER read. Plus, Mary draws inspiration for her main group of vampires from the Dandies in 16 Candles-verse, and there's no way in the world that could possibly be a bad thing.

There's just so much awesome, most of all a gorgeous 15 year old boy who's too smart for his own good who regularily lets his vampire sort-of-boyfriend drink from him on a regular basis.

I back this story so hard, and I can guarantee you, Book 2 and Book 3 only get better.

I don't know what else to say except that you WILL like it and it's worth the money and a good cause to help get this thing into real print, and if this thing gets into real print it has the potential to blow Twilight out of the water because this gets real. Also, Mary will write you a ficlet.

You can browse the Wolf House site here and read an excerpt here.

You can go here and buy it for $4.95 in PDF, Reader, whatever.
I love yoooooooooooooooooooou. This is such a lovely, kind post for you to write. <3333333
It legit sounds awesome and I'm buying. I'd be stoked to see it printed too.