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Are you guys aware that there is a boy currently living in my house? He is very very very cute and very very very funny but he does not understand the functionality of a bath mat - like, literally, he thought it was there to mop up the floor sometimes if you got it too wet - and I may kill him very dead.

I have a long draft post I gave up trying to finish tonight about many feelings, about my Dad being particularly difficult, my older brother who is visiting with his partner and kids and how they need to not leave/I may go to stay with them in Israel for a while, and about the Justin Bieber movie.

I will finish it later, I just need some advice.

24th - 30th June, the Glee London O2 arena dates. I will be getting accommodation in London for the week. I'm at a point where, while I don't LIKE spending that much money, I can afford it, and it will be worth it for the privacy and convenience. I usually stay in hostels, I have no issue with that usually but I know that week is going to probably be difficult and stressful for me and I will need to decompress.

The options I'm looking at right now are a small twin room in a little hotel in Bayswater, right near Whiteleys, or a double room at the Travelodge in Docklands, near the venue.

I can not fucking decide which would be better.

Travelodge - I like the anonymity, I can have people easily come and go from the room and no one will care. It's near the venue which means I can just go back there straight away after the shows if I want to, and it's near Jo's so I can go over to her house. It's also near the East End, Isle of Dogs and the old East India Docks, and I wanted to get to know this part of London. However I don't really know the area, and if I am not doing well, I do not just want to mope around the venue. Also, if I want to go out in London after the shows, I have no idea how to get from Camden to Docklands drunk at 2am.

Bayswater - I love, love, love West London, like, barely anywhere makes me happier, so the area itself would be a joy. However, the hotel may not be quality, it might be fine but it is a small privately run place which will probably be quite shabby and not in any way anonymous, the people would become familiar and notice me bringing people in and out. It wouldn't be TOO hard to get back on the Tube directly after the show, from O2, but not if I wanted to lurk the stage door or something, which I am as yet undecided on. It would be easy for me to get to from anywhere in Central London though, could do it in my sleep. But I am not sure the hotel itself will give me what I need. I could make it work, but I really do like anonymous faceless places a lot better.

More than anything I wish the dorms at the London School of Economics let out in June. Katrina and I stayed there at the High Holborn branch last August, after the Libertines shows (needed a private room for much the same reasons) and it was perfect. Also had the BEST free buffet breakfast of any place I've ever stayed. Seriously. But they're not available.

Anyway - the price for these two options is the same, so at the moment we're thinking about which would be a better LOCATION option. Depending on where/what state I end up in at nights, what I might need to do/where I might race to/what state I'll be in during the day... I SERIOUSLY don't know what to choose. Please advise. What would you do?

And I should add - anyone attending the Glee tour, or just hanging in London in general, I will be craving company though I may be in a bit of a messy state. I want sleep-overs - anyone who wants to crash in London, wherever I end up choosing - is free to share the room. I should have space for at least one other person (in the Bayswater room) or up to four in a Travelodge with their couch bed things. I won't make you to pay like half the room rate or anything, if you could chuck me a tenner per night that would be nice but I really just need support.

Oh, happy birthday, me? All I want is a TARDIS. Please provide. Oh, and Prince Zuko. Cool. Thanks.
you are deff welcome to crash at mine after our show/any shows where you cannot be bothered to travel. i wanna see more of you this trip.
I'm going to be kind of a mess, which is why I wanted a kind of home base, I don't wanna inflict myself on your family and stuff and if you have to leave for work, but I think I'm gonna take the Docklands one. I may not even stay there every night or you can come there and stay with me, and you can show me round Greenwich during the day... I need to see you too.