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Charlene and Dylan - Dress and Tie

I Wanna Be - Starship (full cast)
Harry Freakin’ Potter - AVPS (Dylan as Harry)
Gettin’ Along - AVPS
Ready To Go - MAMD
-standup by Meredith-
The Coolest Girl - AVPS (Meredith)
Granger Danger - AVPM
To Have A Home - AVPS (Dylan)
It’s Over Now - Little White Lie (Lauren and Brian)
Stutter - AVPS
Jim and the Povolos – Don’t Go (feat. Mark)
Jim and the Povolos – Dream (feat. Clark)
Jim and the Povolos – Holiday Club
Get Back Up - Starship
Different As Can Be - AVPM (Brian as Quirrell)
The Way I Do - Starship (Jaime as February)
Boy Toy - Little While Lie
Kick It Up a Notch + Junior's reprise - Starship
No Way - AVPS (Meredith, Jaime, Lauren)
Status Quo - Starship (Joe, Joey, Dylan, Brian)
Beauty - Starship (full cast)

Even Though - MAMD
Liam’s Got a Phone Call
Days of Summer - AVPS
Goin’ Back To Hogwarts (Joe and Brian – Harry, Meredith – Hermione, Lauren and Jaime – Cho Chang trio, Joe – Cedric)

I Wanna Be + Harry Freakin' Potter

Granger Danger:

To Have A Home (tumblr embed)

Stutter (pt 1)

Stutter (pt 2)

Stutter - full (tumblr embed)

Get Back Up:

The Way I Do (tumblr embed) another, better/longer

Boy Toy + Kick It Up A Notch:

Boy Toy (from further away so you can see the dancing):

Kick It Up A Notch (from further away so you can see the dancing):

No Way:

Status Quo:

Beauty (tumblr embed)

Even Though - audio only

Liam's Got A Phone Call

part of Hogwarts - tumblr embed

Article - Chicago Tribune

Article - Teen Magazine

Article - Michigan Daily

I can't. I really just can't.
I started crying at Joey's tweet and have basically been holding it off all day. When I found the Status Quo video I absolutely lost it.
I seriously - Leaky wasn't like this. It was a lot of people, but it was like a makeshift stage and they fucked up all the way through and it was silly, really, amazing, but silly. This is so LEGIT. I can't believe it, I seriously can not believe that this is now a viable thing for them, it's so amazing and I'm just dying all over the place.
It's making me think of this anecdote Dylan told in an interview about AVPS:

'there was one moment in the Sequel play kind of after the first play had gained some ground and we’d gotten a little notoriety online, you know, people knew who we were. When Darren, in the middle of the show–this was during a live performance and I’ve actually never gone back to see if you can see it happening, I don’t think know you can see it happening–but he whispered over to me when we were doing “Stutter,” when Joe was singing “Stutter.”

He said, “Dude! This is it; this is real, like this is actually happening. We’re actually getting to do what we love and what we’ve trained to do–what we wanted to do our whole lives with the people we love.”'
my heart cannot take this story.
Have you seen those interviews? Wizarding Life did a series of interviews with about 12 various members and released one a day in the lead-up to Starship coming out.

'Twill be here: http://wizardinglife.com/category/starkid-2/

On the tag somewhere.
How huge this actually didn't hit me until I started playing Granger Danger. I heard all thèse people yell and I just lost it. :') Happy crying is the best kind.
I can not believe how legit this is, it's so huge. ArrRrrrrgggh. Oh my god.
Argh, this is all so awesome and I'm tearing up looking through it all. Im so proud of them, oh my god.
That's all kind of spectacular. I'm really happy for you. There's nothing like seeing your babies doing well, you must be so so proud of them right now.