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As of now, please DO NOT send any mail to my current address, if you were planning on it. I wouldn't usually worry too much, but as it is the season for Christmas cards, etc. You can send mail to:

399 Princes Highway,

but I won't be living there for a couple of weeks. If you're sending a package (lol, unlikely) and would rather be 100% certain that it will be safe and if there's a change it might arrive before we get there (about 15 December) and get stolen by a passer-by, you can send it to my dad's place:

8 Carr St

I am doing cards this year myself, so leave your address if you care about getting one from me!
As I'll be sending a package, I'll let you know which house I send it to, depending on when I actually get it off to you guys. I know, I know, I'm hopeless.

My address is:

62A Walm Lane
London NW2 4RA

I'd like a card simply because my house is so empty of Christmas cheer right now.