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1997 I remember sitting on top of a tower block in bow and carl had that look in his eye he seized me screaming we should throw ourselves off together I had to knock him out and drag him down,
`there`s nothing in this world for us` he`D say, `let`s shoot each other`.
`lets shoot this shit up at the same time an drown in all eternity

no carl, it`ll be grand, lets keep going
i love you I love you so much
lets keep going
`yeah lets keep going forever peter, til the very end`
yeah til the end


...unless I've already requested you to do so.
Hello, I'm Candy, and I'm a huge fan of Libs, DPT, and anything related to those lovely lads. Friend?

I also love that you used Carl's epic quote as your name here. :P
hi! sure! you are the first person who's added me via Libs - everyone on my flist is totally sick of me going on about them.