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1997 I remember sitting on top of a tower block in bow and carl had that look in his eye he seized me screaming we should throw ourselves off together I had to knock him out and drag him down,
`there`s nothing in this world for us` he`D say, `let`s shoot each other`.
`lets shoot this shit up at the same time an drown in all eternity

no carl, it`ll be grand, lets keep going
i love you I love you so much
lets keep going
`yeah lets keep going forever peter, til the very end`
yeah til the end


...unless I've already requested you to do so.
Hey, found your journal through posts on thelibs_daily. I'm new here on livejournal, and I'd love to have some Libertines fans as friends, so..add? Oh and also Simon Amstell love!. Have you seen the new buzzcocks dvd yet? It's got great bonus footage (sadly no Russell Brand episode though).
Hey-hey! You are welcome to stalk, befriend, or whatever you like. I warn you, this is my personal journal, most of my friends are people who I actually know, so this might be kind of boring? Lots of Libs entries on the current page though, if you care to read them..