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1997 I remember sitting on top of a tower block in bow and carl had that look in his eye he seized me screaming we should throw ourselves off together I had to knock him out and drag him down,
`there`s nothing in this world for us` he`D say, `let`s shoot each other`.
`lets shoot this shit up at the same time an drown in all eternity

no carl, it`ll be grand, lets keep going
i love you I love you so much
lets keep going
`yeah lets keep going forever peter, til the very end`
yeah til the end


...unless I've already requested you to do so.
Oh, mine's worse. I'm actually kind of sorry to be subjecting you to it but you can skim my entries, right? I'm from Melbourne - well no, Ballarat actually, but Melbourne's close enough.
I'm from Sydney - how is it that I keep coming across Aussies online and I'm like 'cool! someone to hang out with!' and then they are NEVER from Sydney? Blah.